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Enron Email Dataset

Enron email messages covers all the email communication within a dataset of around half million emails. This data was originally made public, and posted to the web, by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during its investigation into the company. This particular version was retrieved from William Cohen's website at Carnegie Mellon ( in 2013. There are about 150 employee email accounts.

Enron Email Dataset. Collection 1009. August 2013.

Messages in User Mailboxes
User Mailboxes, ZIP (443MB)
Walk through messages by User

Metadata by Users
CSV files, one for each User, ZIP (129MB)
CSV file, one for all Users, ZIP (129MB)
Walk through Metadata by User
Each row contains information about a sender-receiver pair for a message, noting whether the recipient was in the to (isTo), from (isFrom), cc (isCC) or bcc (isBCC) field, and including the content of the date and subject lines.

Metadata Over Time
CSV files, one for each time period, ZIP (115MB)
Walk through Metadata by Time Period

Network Graphs
Network data, TXT
Researchers at Stanford compiled a network graph of Nodes of the network are email addresses and if an address i sent at least one email to address j, the graph contains an undirected edge from i to j. Non-Enron email addresses are included. Retrieved from ( August 2013.

People and Positions List, XLS
Researchers at USC gathered information regarding the status of employees in the organization hierarchy. Retrieved from ( August 2013.

Descriptive Statistics, PDF
Shetty J and Adibi J. The Enron Email Dataset: Database Schema and Brief Statistical Report. Retrieved from ( August 2013.

History. 11/8/2013 Metadata by Users: was updated to include bcc data. The older files are preserved as and

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