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Online Ads for Public Records

The ads below show a cropped web page for a person (on left) and ads delivered on either or in response to a search for that person's name (on right). More than 125 pairs are shown, representing a 5% random sample of the entire dataset with common samples added. If you are a researcher and you want access to the complete dataset, contact the Curator.

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1003 Sweeney L. Online Ads for Personal Name Searches on Two Websites. Collection 1003. November 2012. Ads delivered in response to search queries of personal names. More than 4000 ads delivered by Google Adsense on and on in 2012 in response to searches of 2200 personal names of real people. Dataset includes image capture screens, cropped screens, and a CSV database with fields that include the date and time of capture, URL, and search string. Contributed 12/12/2012.

Discrimination Study


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